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Wishing you could liven up your respondent engagement? Go beyond the typical survey question types and captivate respondents with something fresh!

IntelliSurvey offers engaging question formats readily available on the IS Pro platform, with no extra cost or programming needed. Take a look at these featured question types:

Carousel Tables

For use with single- or multi-punch tables, carousel tables provide a break from table monotony by offering questions in a scrolling format. Once answered, the next task scrolls into focus, still permitting for navigating forward and backward if needed.

Carousel Table Response Functionality with IntelliSurvey

Star Ratings

A new way to engage respondents with scale-based questions. The question is customizable, offering larger or smaller stars, half stars, custom rating text, hidden scoring labels, and even changing icons.

Star Rating Response Survey Functionality with IntelliSurvey


Ease navigating long lists with auto-complete text entry. As a respondent types their answer, suggestions matching the text pattern are offered.Respondents Can Type In Answers in Surveys with IntelliSurvey

Better Unaided Awareness

Provide respondents with the space to provide answers, but without introducing bias by presenting too many text fields at once. Reveal new fields as each is answered, both for full unaided awareness tables as well as other write-in fields on radio/checkbox questions.

Autocomplete Text Entry in Surveys with IntelliSurvey

Mobile-Friendly MaxDiff

We’ve broken the MaxDiff out of the table format and into a more mobile-friendly format. Clicking on the left or right axis of the statement will trigger the answer. A neutral “middle ground” will prevent accidental clicks. On mobile, the statement widths will resize to fit the screen size accordingly. Included in the example below is an optional background gradient to better establish the most / least poles.

MaxDiff in a mobile friendly format with IntelliSurvey

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