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Health eCareers Partnership: Creating the 2024 Healthcare Job Seeker Report


In the healthcare industry, things move quickly, and employment is no exception. Health eCareers thrives in this space, connecting healthcare professionals with meaningful job opportunities at premier healthcare organizations. They serve both job seekers and employers alike through an extensive job board, helpful articles, and other employment resources.

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For many years, Health eCareers has attended the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) conference, an event closely aligned with their employer audience. To prepare for this event and their separate Client Summit, Health eCareers turned to IntelliSurvey for help. 

Out With the Old, In With the New

In past years, the original data Health eCareers shared during the AAPPR conference was met with positive feedback. This year, they wanted to keep the momentum going, so they embarked on a journey to use original research to explore the current healthcare employment and recruitment landscape. 

Stephanie Davis, Content Marketing Manager, and Christine Burke, Director of B2B Marketing, led the initiative. Through a 15-minute interview of n=500 healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, advanced practitioners, and more, the 2024 Healthcare Job Seeker Report was born.


Recognizing a Need

This was not the first survey Health eCareers had conducted. They previously executed a much simpler survey in-house. While successful, the internal cost was higher than anticipated—too many resources were needed, and the skills required were outside their expertise.

“We decided right away that continuing to do research in-house wasn’t sustainable. Instead of focusing on the aspects outside our wheelhouse, we wanted to invest our time in something we knew we could knock out of the park, which was the report itself.”

To this end, they wanted a partner who could do the heavy lifting by providing end-to-end services, including programming, fielding, and data analysis. 

Finding the Right Partner

Health eCareers turned to outside vendors for support. They were concerned that their database could not reach their quota and sought reassurance that this new partner could source the right respondents for their study. 

Stephanie had heard about IntelliSurvey from a past colleague and was intrigued by their recommendation. 

“We did look at other vendors, but they either didn’t meet our requirements or they tried to upsell us on services we didn’t need. For us, IntelliSurvey checked all the boxes. Not only could they meet our requirements, they also fulfilled several of our wish list items while still being able to stay on time and on budget.” 

Getting Results Fast

IntelliSurvey programmers worked swiftly to deploy the survey as soon as possible and delivered n=503 healthcare respondents within five days using a blended sample approach.

The overall project execution took three weeks to complete, from programming to the final data analysis presentation.  

“Even though the [IntelliSurvey] team said everything was going to be really fast and easy, it actually was. It was simply amazing to personally experience the turnaround.” 

Once IntelliSurvey delivered the research analysis, Stephanie’s team could focus on exploring the data. As they reviewed the findings, new ideas for exploring different cuts arose. Our team remained responsive, providing the new cuts expediently so Health eCareers could continue to analyze the data and develop their report. 

Using the Data

Leading up to the AAPPR conference, Health eCareers hosted a Client Summit and distributed the report. While attending the conference, Health eCareers passed out the report and discussed the findings with attendees who visited their booth.

Since then, they have heard excitement from recruiters and have received requests to slice and dice the data to meet more niche needs.

“The study is resonating, especially with recruiters. At AAPPR, many audience members commented on the green flag and red flag part of the report. They’re interested in the data and want to see more.” 

After the conference, Health eCareers emailed the report to all AAPPR attendees and their database of customers and prospects. To date, 192 people have downloaded the guide, exceeding their initial download targets. 

Cover of the 2024 Job Seeker Report

Post-conference, clients expressed a desire for a physician-specific version of the report. To turn this version around quickly, Health eCareers worked with IntelliSurvey on a revamped PowerPoint that covered only physician data. The speed of delivery and results allowed them to quickly distribute the updated materials to their clients. 

Looking Ahead

The response to their 2024 Healthcare Job Seeker Report validated their proof of concept for conducting original research as part of their ongoing content strategy.

“It’s exciting now that we have the green light for further research. There’s no limit to our ideas, and we’re looking forward to what we can do next.” 

The study has also opened up new opportunities, such as partnering with other organizations for both broader and more specialized research. 

“When we’re ready for our next project, IntelliSurvey will be the first partner we turn to. Their team is outstanding, and the results blew us away. They have definitely become our vendor of choice for data collection and analysis.”

IntelliSurvey is proud to support the work of clients like Health eCareers, and we look forward to future collaborations. 

If you would like to learn how our staff and technology can support your research, please contact us for more information. 

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