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Overcoming Recruitment Challenges: A Sample Success Story


Recently, we partnered with a long-time market research agency client on a small survey for their end client, an education nonprofit. The project faced a large challenge: would the nonprofit get enough responses by only reaching out to its existing list of contacts?

Starting with a small list can be a big hurdle for recruitment and requires the utmost attention to make sure every detail has been accounted for and tested. In this particular case, having the correct links embedded in the email invitations was of the greatest importance. Any barriers, including technical issues, could reduce respondent participation from an already slim pool of potential participants. 

The survey had several hidden variables to facilitate the end client’s analysis. Instead of testing these on the limited sample, we ran dummy data through the survey prelaunch so the nonprofit could confirm ahead of time that the variables were working as intended. During launch, we monitored activity closely to verify that the variables were still working correctly and to measure the response rates of the relatively small sample.

Unfortunately, there were more partial completes than anticipated, and the nonprofit needed to pivot its recruitment strategy. We provided recommendations for releasing reminder invitations to their list and also worked hand-in-hand with them to implement a survey invitation on social media when their member list showed a sluggish response. 

In the end, the nonprofit met its quota, and despite the limited sample, it was able to learn quite a bit from the data. The insights triggered some solid areas for follow-up. Our client was pleased with the work and shared their feedback with the team. 

Testimonial from a Market Research Agency: "The team from IntelliSurvey performed well on this study, as always. They were very responsive and had good ideas on how to improve the study. Great execution!"

The IntelliSurvey Difference

Special thanks to our team members for their work on this project. They represent the remarkable skills we have developed in understanding our clients' needs and pivoting when things don't go according to plan.

For more information on how IntelliSurvey can partner with you to enhance your fieldwork and overall survey experience, please contact us today.

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