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Meeting Tight Deadlines: A Translation Success Story


In online research, unexpected challenges can arise at any moment. Recently, our client faced a curveball when their end client suddenly accelerated the timeline for a project launch by more than two days so the study could be in field before the weekend in Kuwait. 

This new timeline posed a significant challenge - Arabic translations were still pending, and there was not enough time for a translation vendor to meet the new deadline.

Our team recommended leveraging machine translations for the initial draft and having their end client review, edit, and approve the translated content. This approach would save valuable time and allow us to meet the tightened deadline. 

The end client agreed, and we wasted no time with implementation, saving us a crucial day and a half and ensuring the study could proceed as scheduled. 

Client quote praising IntelliSurvey as easy to work with, able to customize the process, and save the project a day and a half.

This successful experience highlights the importance of adaptability and quick thinking in our industry. Ultimately, our ability to pivot made all the difference in delivering this study on time, reinforcing our commitment to client satisfaction and project success. 

The IntelliSurvey Difference

Special thanks to Ryan Dunnum, Jose Quezada, Berkley Hughes, and Nick Kihlman for their work on this project. They exemplify the outstanding team we have built with a detailed understanding of client pain points and how we can apply technology to solve them. 

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