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Innovating for Impact: New Game-Changing Features in IS Pro


IntelliSurvey just released its biggest platform update in a decade. Release 9 (r9) of the IS Pro survey software introduces an improved interface and enables new, collaborative workflows that make it easier to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less friction than ever before.

The Challenges Researchers Face

Market researchers today are expected to deliver projects faster, with smaller teams and less budget. This creates tension between the different people involved in the research process - researchers, clients, programmers, field managers, and others. Additionally, researchers today have to manage a greater number of stakeholders in their studies, adding to their administrative burden.

Despite this, the tools research teams leverage have largely remained the same, requiring significant off-tool communication and focused project management to make studies a success. Research platforms are generally too technical for untrained users to engage with.

New Features to Solve This Friction

The r9 release of IS Pro prioritizes features that simplify collaboration and communication between different research roles. It includes a host of efficiency improvements to streamline the entire research process. We want to share more information on four key features: concurrent editing, in-line commenting, quota management, and report saving and sharing.

Concurrent Editing

Technical and non-technical users can collaborate to build questionnaires using our scripting language (SPL) or our drag-and-drop tool (IntelliBuilder). Teams can use both building methods simultaneously, seeing teammates’ changes in real-time. All changes will be tracked and edits saved immediately, and users can save ‘versions’ of the survey to return to.


In-line Commenting

IS Pro centralizes questionnaire feedback and allows team members to communicate in the platform, enabling a smoother, faster research workflow. Add comments, reply in-line, and track thread resolution from within the platform while you build. You can also add comments while you test, eliminating the need for tedious back and forth.


Quota Management

Quotas can be easily updated by field managers via the Quota page without needing to touch the source code. Simply flip to the Quotas page, click on the relevant quota, and type it in. Quotas can be created easily via scripting or drag-and-drop, both of which automatically generate a quota tile. 


Report Saving and Sharing

Save any report you create, and create reports at any part of the research process. Then, reopen or share saved reports with teammates from the Deliverables tab. You can even schedule email sends of updated reports on a cadence.

Full r9 Platform Demo


Looking Forward

Expectations of researchers increase every year as new methodologies and technologies are released. Importantly, r9 was designed to future-proof IS Pro, migrating all functionality to robust, modern web languages, including Angular and PostgreSQL. IS Pro is now set up to quickly incorporate the latest and greatest via API integrations or via expedited feature building in-house. This will speed up the rate of development significantly - expect more frequent exciting feature releases soon!

If you’d like to see more via an in-depth demo or if you’re interested in a hands-on trial, contact us today.


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