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MaxDiff Made Easy: The IntelliSurvey Difference


MaxDiff is a powerful tool for prioritizing customer preferences. However, it can be overwhelming for generalists. With IntelliSurvey, MaxDiff presentation and analysis are fully baked into the platform, so generalist researchers can easily ask and analyze MaxDiffs. 

What Makes MaxDiff Different at IntelliSurvey?

Several features make our MaxDiff stand out from the crowd. 

1. Computation is Baked Right Into the Platform

MaxDiff scoring is built into the IntelliSurvey platform. More specifically, the same Hierarchical Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo (HB MCMC) algorithms that modelers use to calculate your MaxDiff utility scores are embedded in our platform. With IntelliSurvey, there is no need to have choice modelers involved in scoring, reducing process burdens and accelerating analytic delivery. 

2. You Don’t Have to Wait for Your Survey to Close

Scores can be run at any point in the survey lifecycle. Many find it useful to run score estimation after soft launch for a preliminary review. Scores can be run at any time during field, at analysts' convenience. 

Scoring for smaller data sets typically takes just a few minutes to calculate. As the number of records scales into the thousands, scoring takes longer. In those cases, our platform will send an email notice when scoring finishes. 

3. Mobile-Friendly is Not a Problem

MaxDiff works great for desktop and mobile users. We offer a number of engaging and mobile-friendly presentation options. 

In the example below, the statements act as buttons, making it easy for mobile users to tap their answers on a smaller screen. 

Mobile-friendly MaxDiff exercise GIF

4. Add TURF Analysis With Just a Few Clicks

Upon scoring, MaxDiff utilities can quickly be analyzed via TURF analysis within the IntelliSurvey platform. Three reach assessment techniques are available: 

  • Threshold - items with utilities above this number are counted as "reached"
  • First Choice - for each record, the statement with the highest utility score is counted as "reached"
  • Top Two - for each record, the two statements with the highest utility scores are counted as "reached"

5. Receive Expert Design and Support

IntelliSurvey project managers have been implementing MaxDiff exercises into surveys for decades. Over the years, our tooling has evolved, improving data collection, stability, processes, and engagement. 

Our teams work with leading researchers in the field, trialing new approaches and methodologies all the time. Our platform’s built-in processes handle most needs. For anything more intrepid, we are able to provide guidance, design support, and customized survey code.

Get Started With IntelliSurvey

We are committed to empowering researchers with intuitive tools and expert support to drive impactful results. Please contact us for more information on how we can work together to unlock the full potential of your next study. 

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