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3 Features Researchers Love In Our Analysis Suite


Launching a survey is like planning a dinner party. A lot of work goes into it - preparing a menu, inviting guests, buying ingredients, cooking. But the fun doesn’t really start until the party begins. In research, so much work goes into research questions, designing a thoughtful questionnaire, programming a study, and fielding a study. But the party really starts when you get to analyze your results.

That’s why it’s so frustrating when your analysis tools let you down by being cumbersome to use, hard to share, or unresponsive. We’ve built our platform to empower researchers with tools to streamline their workflow. Below are three of our most complimented features. 

Segments, Cuts, & Weights Are Available Globally

Set ‘em up once (and only once), then leverage them throughout the platform. Segments, cuts, and weights can be uploaded directly or built using logic in-app. 

As soon as they’re configured, they can be used everywhere - no need to repeat the setup every time you want to run a report. Data cuts and segments are consistent across all reports, giving you the ability to filter on the same thing whether you’re running a crosstab, frequency, or response report.

Set Up and Share Reports With Ease

Forget manually compiling and formatting data every time you need a report. Instead, configure it a single time, save it, and share it. Saved reports can be shared with teammates inside the platform or automated to send at specific times to your choice of stakeholders via email.   

By setting up reports while you’re in field, you can significantly shrink research timelines. Leverage dummy data to set up reports or set them up after soft launch to get to insight sooner. 

Refresh Reports as You Field

Once any report is set up and saved – including during soft launch – it can be refreshed any time while in field, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date results. This enables researchers to actively monitor comparison groups and nuanced data cuts throughout the fielding process, an especially powerful tool in studies leveraging multiple panel sources. This gives researchers more control throughout the fielding process, providing a better pulse on data quality throughout.  

The IntelliSurvey Difference

Our analysis suite is only one of many benefits we offer when you work with us to build, field, and analyze your online surveys. We take a partnership approach to all of our market research services and software engagements, investing in the success of your study from start to finish. To learn more about the value we can add to your next research project, please get in touch

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