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Cint Partners with IntelliSurvey to License IS Pro Survey Platform


Cint, a global leader in digital insights and research technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with IntelliSurvey, a leading provider of market research software and services. Cint will leverage IntelliSurvey's survey platform, IS Pro, to drive efficiencies in programming and hosting. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Cint, a recognized leader in the industry," said Rob Messer, CEO of IntelliSurvey. “We originally created IS Pro to support our own Programming and Fielding teams, refining it over the course of two decades to maximize speed while maintaining industry-leading functionality. This partnership reflects our broader ambition to be the survey platform of choice for strategic market research.”

IS Pro allows users to quickly and efficiently build, field, and analyze surveys. IntelliSurvey’s survey programming language (SPL) is simple, with hundreds of tags that increase programming speed and minimize the need for cumbersome custom code.

The platform is built to foster collaboration between research operations teams, researchers, and clients. Specialized tools allow programmers and researchers to work in tandem, editing, testing, and commenting simultaneously within the same interface. This means streamlined communication, enhanced accuracy, and faster turnaround, cutting out the lengthy, iterative change management process.

Additionally, IntelliSurvey’s expert support team, each with 5+ years of programming experience in IS Pro, provides high-end onboarding and platform support throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

“We’ve been very impressed by the training and support we’ve received. The IntelliSurvey team is quick to help however they can, sharing examples and tips,” said Ambesh Singh, Senior Survey Programming Manager. “The platform itself is top-notch, and we can already feel the efficiencies it brings. We’re excited about this partnership.”

The licensing agreement between IntelliSurvey and Cint represents a significant step forward for both organizations, showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence in research and insights.

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