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Save Time Testing Your Surveys With In-App Feedback


We’ve heard from our clients that the testing portion of the survey programming process brings mixed emotions. On the one hand, it means the survey is close to launching, and launch brings excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. On the other, testing can be an extremely tedious process, highlighted by hours spent testing paths, recording and sharing changes, and testing to see that changes were made correctly.

When developing our software, IS Pro, we took this feedback to heart and made significant investments in our technology to ease the burden of testing. 

In-App Testing Feedback: Work Smarter, Not Harder

What if comments and resolutions all happened in the same place, with full transparency so both testers and programmers could see the resolution status at any time? And what if tester comments automatically included the page number, test record, and question so everyone knows exactly what each comment refers to and the path that got to the issue? 

IS Pro’s testing suite does exactly that. 

Testing Center comment feedback and resolution GIF

Not only does in-app testing feedback make it clear what change is needed and who’s requesting it, but the Feedback Log provides full transparency to both researchers and programmers. Both parties can see which comments have been resolved and which are still pending, ensuring everyone can view the latest status. 

Continued Collaboration

In addition to in-app testing feedback shown above, IS Pro includes a number of collaboration features that make online survey programming and management easier than ever. From concurrent editing to an intuitive analysis suite, we’ve got you covered. 


If you like what you see, please reach out below, and we will gladly schedule a custom demo. 

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