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Inside Look: Cint’s On-site IS Pro Onboarding


A strong partnership starts with a strong foundation. When Cint, a global leader in digital insights and research technology, licensed our IS Pro survey software, we helped them hit the ground running with on-site training in Delhi led by Ananth Panganamamula, IntelliSurvey’s Director of Project and Practice.

From basics through advanced functionality, the training provided Cint’s team with a strong foundation to successfully build, field, and analyze surveys using IS Pro. A particular focus was given to in-app collaborative building and testing tools that will allow Cint programmers to more efficiently execute their projects. 

On-site IS Pro onboarding with the Cint team

Senior project managers Gaurav Dawar and Abhishek Gautam also facilitated the training, providing hands-on experience for participants with nods to our robust documentation library for future reference. 

Cint’s team was particularly impressed by the number of tags and ease of coding in IS Pro. They frequently commented on the simplicity of accomplishing intricate tasks, such as maxdiffs and quota management, with just a line or two of code. They acknowledged this stark departure from traditional lengthy coding practices will substantially speed their programming and trim their overall project turnaround time.

Cint and IntelliSurvey group photo We appreciate the opportunity to work directly with Cint’s programming team as they prepare to leverage IS Pro to its fullest potential and look forward to further collaboration in the future. 

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