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Consultants, Let Us Save You a Few Days (or Late Nights)


At IntelliSurvey, we’ve been serving top consultancies for the better part of two decades. We know your workflow, we know your timelines, and we know you. Some of us were in your position not too long ago.

You are the driving force behind our biggest platform update yet. Our latest release, r9, has features and tools that will expedite survey timelines, minimize iterations, and give your team more control than ever before.

No more black box: let’s do-it-together

In the old world, you’d send us your questionnaire, and we’d program it for you. And then you’d send us your edits and revisions, and we’d program that for you too. As many times as you needed, even if that meant dozens of times. This model was a necessity of tech - programming surveys and managing the fielding process was too complicated for a casual observer. No more (unless you like it, in which case, we’re here for you).

r9 includes a collaborative drag-and-drop survey builder. IntelliBuilder is designed to enable generalists to collaborate with each other and with our programming team seamlessly. Everything our programming team does is represented simply in plain English. Generalists can make in-line edits themselves, add questions, and modify logic directly from the tool with no training needed. The tool supports simultaneous building, so you can always view, edit, or comment on the questionnaire, even while programming is still happening in the background.

Screenshot of IntelliBuilder drag-n-drop interface

Our team will still do the heavy lifting, programming the survey initially and making edits based on your feedback. But this collaborative workflow is transformative. Busy consultants can jump in whenever they have time and add comments or make simple changes themselves faster than compiling a lengthy list. It puts you in the driver's seat.

Communicate in real-time

IntelliBuilder contains a full-featured commenting system that allows generalists and programmers to communicate seamlessly inside the platform. When more complex changes need to be made, researchers can leverage the Comment Center to leave notes for programmers and to keep track of resolution status - no back-and-forth emails required.

GIF of IS Pro Comment Center

The result? Speed. Programmers can address comments faster because they’re in-line. Generalists can remain in flow while tracking what is completed vs in-progress, while surveys get better through more discussion and suggestions.

Our building tools also leave an audit trail, providing full transparency into who did what and when. You can always go back to previous versions of the survey, just in case, and you can export the most up-to-date questionnaire to Word at any time.

Shrink your testing timelines

Testing can be a slog - clicking through numerous paths and combing over every word with a fine-tooth comb. It’s tough.

IntelliBuilder expedites QA by shrinking the set of things that need to be tested. Because generalists can now see the survey in a more compact, efficient questionnaire view in IntelliBuilder, typos and basic logic can be checked without copious click-throughs. Real testing time can be spent checking logic and flow, not words.

When you inevitably find something that needs updating, leave a note for the programming team directly from the testing screen - no more lengthy change logs. You can track the resolution of these edits in the tester or in IntelliBuilder.

Screenshot of tester feedback

This is in addition to all of the testing tools you’re already familiar with. You can still jump between questions, see termination logic, modify past responses, and more from our testing tool.

Get translations done faster

Translations are now available in-line, with a side-by-side English and translated language view directly in the tool. You can use Machine Translations to get a strong start. Tedious Excel uploads, with weird HTML codes and strange orientations, are a thing of the past.

Screenshot of in-line translations

Leverage your favorite translation resource, our team, or a member of your own team. It’s now as simple as writing an email.

This is only the beginning

We’re excited for you to experience r9 yourself and start saving time (and headaches). These tools also pair perfectly with our industry-leading programming and fielding teams.

We’re focused on making market research as simple and streamlined as possible without limiting functionality or creativity, and we have even bigger plans for 2024. We can’t wait to share them with you in the coming months.

If you would like to see or experience our new collaboration tools in action or would like to speak with us about your next study, please get in touch!

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