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How Survey Programming Can Elevate Your Surveys | IntelliSurvey


Effective survey programming can help organizations collect better data and results. Survey programming can help organizations streamline the most complicated survey creation processes. Using advanced programming techniques, researchers can leverage survey software to craft even the most complex surveys for a diverse multinational market.

Process items include consultation, questionnaire design, survey programming, data translation, and reporting. Learn more about how survey programming can help your organization swiftly obtain actionable insights below.

What Is Survey Programming?

Survey programming is the process of distilling the survey requirements into a questionnaire that will yield helpful insights from the respondents’ answers. In many use cases, survey software assists researchers in collecting data and converting it into reports with actionable items. Survey programming empowers organizations to make smarter decisions that drive innovation and progress.

Survey Programming Benefits

Survey programming has many benefits that go beyond saving time for researchers including the ability to create impactful questionnaires and simplify the survey creation process. The benefits of survey programming include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient data collection
  • Concise and impactful questionnaires
  • Simplification of the survey creation process

Survey Programming Increases Productivity

Using survey logic strategies, researchers can generate a high quantity of surveys quickly and efficiently. Survey logic reduces the time researchers spend creating questions by applying logic in software programming. With survey programming, researchers can build a question library that enables users to repurpose different question sets and quickly produce surveys without compromising quality. In other words, survey programmers can use less code to achieve the same results and distribute surveys at scale.

Collect More Data Efficiently

Survey programming streamlines the process of designing, distributing, and analyzing data by using software that includes rich features which can reduce the time spent performing market research. Compared to traditional data collection techniques, survey programming software enables users to gather more information about their target audiences using fewer questions. Effective survey programming eliminates all the unnecessary bulk in an organization’s surveys that hurt engagement and completion rates.

Create Concise and Impactful Questionnaires

Quality survey creation software should create concise yet impactful surveys that yield accurate data. Effective surveys engage users with fascinating and relevant questions that don’t take too much time. If an organization’s surveys have high drop-off rates, it is likely because their surveys contain irrelevant questions that do not contribute to the end goal of the study. Survey creation software should improve the experience participants have as they complete questionnaires a company or organization sends them.

Survey-building software uses built-in logic and programming to present unique questions based on a respondent’s previous answer. Using built-in logic, the survey itself can adapt to participant responses, ensuring that there are no irrelevant questions for the user taking the survey. This means that the survey author no longer has to create different versions of the survey for each possible scenario.

Simplify the Survey Creation Process

Survey programming simplifies the survey creation process every step of the way by:

  • Creating concise questionnaires that are simple yet impactful
  • Generating insights from data analytics and providing researchers with actionable insights quickly
  • Managing market research campaigns without the need for human intervention
  • Making it easier to create different versions of the same survey (for example, creating a survey list in your language and launching it based on the respondent’s language)

Survey Programming Uses

Mobile-Friendly Surveys

Mobile technology continues to change the way we see the world and interact with each other. Survey programming aims to respond to the mobile revolution with new data collection techniques that make survey-taking cleaner and easier for respondents, regardless of their device.

Optimizing your mobile surveys is more critical than ever for engagement and completion rates. Users are less likely to complete cumbersome surveys that do not display correctly on their tablets or mobile phones. Survey programming takes the guesswork out of ensuring that every questionnaire functions properly on each device.

Meet Complex Survey Requirements

Advanced programming techniques can implement even the most complex survey requirements. Multilingual studies, complex validation, piping, dynamic in-page actions, and much more are easier to achieve with survey programming. 

With help from survey programming methods, organizations can quickly implement elements such as shopping carts with hierarchical dependencies, custom reporting requirements where access varies by respondent title or department, custom heat maps, and discrete choice exercises. Once built, complicated presentation schematics are reusable across many projects, resulting in lower costs for researchers and companies.

How IntelliSurvey Can Help

IntelliSurvey has a variety of products and services to help companies effectively program surveys with performance trackers and advanced analytics. With help from IntelliSurvey, your organization can achieve high quality surveys which result in better quality data.

Powered by our proprietary platform, our programmers support all survey types, from simple to the most complex designs. IntelliSurvey has extensive experience supporting sophisticated choice-based modeling (conjoint, maxdiff, etc.), price sensitivity testing exercises (Gabor-Granger, Van Westdendorp, etc.), and custom concept-testing solutions. Users can leverage our network of linguists to translate and localize your questionnaire to ensure quality responses across multi-market research engagement.

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